About CP

CP Film Productions is one of the most endearing concepts in Cinema. We look forward to associate with fresh talents and make spectacular films, together.

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Our Story

CP Film Productions is where cinema lovers unite. We are here to uplift new, fresh and true talents who are passionate about cinema as much as we are. We welcome aspiring filmmakers and creative artists to our cafe, where we brew innovative ideas together. Be it a thread for a music video, short film, ad film or a feature film, if your idea is worth a million bucks, we will execute it. Our vision is to support aspiring talents and take them to the heights they deserve.

Our maiden project Qalb is all set to woo the audience and we have committed to make 5 films back-to-back in 2021.

Come to us anytime and let’s make some fresh content together!

Being a filmmaker myself, I always intended to create an innovative creative space where fresh and new talents could easily approach us with their exceptional ideas and work together to convert them into beautiful films. CP Film Productions is that space where everything creative gets a face that they deserve

Sajid Yahiya

Founder of CP Film Productions.