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CP Film Productions is where cinema lovers unite. We are here to uplift new, fresh and true talents who are passionate about cinema as much as we are. We welcome aspiring filmmakers and creative artists to our cafe, where we brew innovative ideas together. Be it a thread for a music video, short film, ad film or a feature film, if your idea is worth a million bucks, we will execute it. Our vision is to support aspiring talents and take them to the heights they deserve.

Our maiden project Pallotty90sKids is all set to release by the end of 2022,which is going to be a great start ahead for us.

Come to us anytime and let’s make some fresh content together!

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Being a filmmaker myself, I always intended to create an innovative creative space where fresh and new talents could easily approach us with their exceptional ideas and work together to convert them into beautiful films. CP Film Productions is that space where everything creative gets a face that they deserve.

Sajid Yahiya

Founder of CP Film Productions

Our Story

CinemaPranthan is a humble concept that saw light back in 2008. Something that initially started as a digital film reviewing platform, grew into a digital marketing agency primarily for films. With over 10M followers across social media, CP tried its luck in every course that attracted the audience and came out successful as well – from celebrity interviews to music videos, online film promotions to TVCs, we have done it all

A decade later, CP took a plunge and stepped into film production. We also have a café, a unique concept, the CP Café, where we serve aromatic coffee and discuss spectacular ideas.

Our Services

Film Production

We have a solid track record and an unquenchable ambition to tell extraordinary stories. To create an experience through the world of film, that can elicit emotion, change perspective, encourage growth, transform or confirm a belief, and provide an accurate interpretation. Our artistic integrity is what makes us valuable. We’ve come to create truly exceptional content. .We neither compromise on the quality or style of the films that we make. CP Film Productions as a production house would love to associate with real talents who are eagerly looking for a platform to visualise their concepts and create magic on screen.

Line Productions

We do shoots across Kerala, and can full fill the equipment requirement for shooting purposes,which includes camera light and sound devices. We also make sure that all the legal permissions required for shooting purposes are cleared. We specialize in all the major departments and have an extended network of skilled personnel for any skillset required in production As a creative hub we upskill ourselves regularly to make sure we stay relevant,and whenever possible,ahead the trends.

TVC Production

We also cater to brands, products and corporates to make stunning television ads, and brand stories that would bring the audience closer to the brand. We also enable consistent and good business growth by sustaining high standards across multiple initiatives that promote skill diversification, as well as several networking opportunities. To achieve such a coherent and complete packages, we have set in place, a running project structure and critical path that works as a base for every project we tackle.

CP Stories Cafe

Who doesn’t love to be around beautiful flowers and greens all around you with delicious food being served . CPStories Cafe is one of the best continental space in Kochi, where nature blends with the flavors of food. Welcome to this beautiful surrounding, to unlock your stories and let new stories happen!

Featured Projects

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